Sunday, October 5, 2008

Commercial Work

I was able to get a few high quality movies of my work at The Mill, but I'm in the process of recompressing, and uploading them. I will continue to add to this post as they become ready. I consider these to be my most involved and interesting contributions. I learned tons on each of these spots, and worked with amazing artists to bring these commercials to completion. So without further ado...

Coke "It's Mine"

This was my first spot ever. I started doing previz (previsualization) on this spot, modeling the balloons and city scape. Very low-rez stuff, so the clients can get a sense of action and timing in the spot. After the plates were shot, I helped do some cloth tests, and ultimately have two shots in the final cut, for which I animated the rigs, and did cloth/rope simulation. Those were then handed off to our rendering guys. The CG for this spot was done in 3 weeks. I still can't believe how fast we did this spot, and it's an amazing achievement!

Mercedes "Crossroads"

I did this one quite recently. An overall challenge. We had to make the whole car transparent "enough", but not completely see-through. Our render guys did an awesome job with this look. I helped out by doing some tracking of the cars, as well as doing the exploding glass, in the full CG shots. I also helped out with textures and normal maps for the airbags. A great spot, which taught me a lot about Maya particles!

more soon...

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Well since it's taking me a bit longer than anticipated to get a hold of quality quicktimes of my work at The Mill, I decided to post some progress shots of a bust I'm currently Zbrushing. This guy is more of a workflow/uv/zbrush test than anything else. Hopefully I can later turn him into a cool rendered image, but for right now I'm playing around with how much I can get into a 2k normal map. So far, I can get about %80 of the detail captured out of a 5mil polygon level. My goal is to get as much detail out using 20mil polys, into a 2k normal map...

Some more free time would be just DANDY right about now...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

First transmission

With my embarrassment at my old demo reel growing ever so painful, I decided to "sexify" things up a bit, and make my own BLOG page. Wow, I'm so white.

Anyway, this blog is meant as a means to keep myself, and anyone that's interested (looking at you Pap) up to speed with my current works, projects, and just random stuff I think is worth looking at.
Within the next few days I'm hoping to have a few commercials up, which I've worked on since being with The Mill along with some other projects I'm exploring.


I deem the first transmission a success...